What is COOKING IN HEELS all about?

COOKING IN HEELS is a comic and practical cookbook blog for the modern Glamazon learning her way around the kitchen.


A Gezunt Dir in Pupik: May you have good health and prosper

Alta Cocker: An old geezer

Bubbala / Bubbe: Grandma, a loved one

Chicken Cutlet: Something yummy and delicious

Chutzpah: Nerve

Drek!: Shit!

Ess gezunterhait: Eat in good health

Geferlekh: Awful

Geshmak: Delicious, savory, yummy

Getting “Nicole Richie” on You: Becoming slightly anorexic

Goy / Goyim / Goyisha: A non-Jew, something very WASPy

Keppie / Keppalah: Forehead

Khozzerye: Junk food

Klutz: Mess-maker, clumsy

Kosher Chicken Stock: Something usually very salty

Kvell and Plotz: Be proud and explode

Kvetch: Complain, whine

Macher: Big shot, boss, ambitious person

Mazel Tov: Congratulations

Meeskite Nafka / Nafka: Ugly Whore, a real slut

Mensh: A do-gooder, humanitarian

Meshuggeneh: A crazy person

Mirkennen lecken di finger: Finger lickin’ good!

Mishpucha: Family

Mitzvah: A good deed

Neshoma: Soul

Nosh: To snack, a snack

Oy Gevalt!: Holy shit!

Oy vez mear!: Woe is me!

Parshoin: A hero

Parve / Parave: Kosher

Pork Chop: Something not Parve

Petseleh: Little penis

Schlepping: Drag around

Schmaltz / Schmaltzy: Chicken fat, sentimental, corny, glitzy

Schmuck: A dick, the family jewels

Seafood: Another non-Parve food group

Shiksa: A non-Jew, a Goy female

Shmatte: A rag, a piece of shit

Shmooze: To yap until the cows come home

Shpilkes kishka: Impatient belly

Shtup: To have sex with, make love to

Tchotchke: A shmatte, an adornment

Treif / Treife/ Trayfe: food that is not Kosher, refer to “Seafood”

Tukhes lecher: Butt kisser, brown-noser

Yenta: A loud mouth, a Jewish woman

Zaftig: Plump, juicy, appealing