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While sitting Shivah for my grandma, my father's friend who knew I was “in Hollywood,” approached me for chit chat. The small talk turned into a feature film pitch.

Talk about being inappropriate.

But in the chaos of many of life's ups and downs, there is always something appropriate-- a good hearty meal. And this may be just the ticket (another family specialty).

This dish is perfect for a dinner party!


  • Salmon filet (boneless)
  • Filo dough (in frozen food aisle)
  • Fresh dill
  • Bottle of Cardini’s Original (it’s Kosher!)
  • Sour cream (low fat)

Defrost Filo and unwrap 4 pieces. Rinse and dry the salmon. Break up little pieces of dill and spread around on fish. Wrap with the 4 layers of Filo. If using a long piece of salmon, overlap lengthwise, multiple batches of the 4 layers over the whole piece of fish. Lay salmon on a PAM-sprayed baking tray, spray a little Pam on top of filo, and bake on 350 for about 20-25 minutes, until browning on top.

In a microwaveable bowl, use: 1 part dressing, 1 part sour cream, and a handful of dill. Microwave until hot.

How to Plate: Cut the salmon into pieces and spoon sauce on top. Enjoy!

Treif: You can bake chicken wrapped in filo dough too! Follow the recipe and enjoy.

**This dish is great hot or cold**

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