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It's okay. We all have it. Somewhere deep within our pantry, we have a Secret Stash.

No, I'm not talking about your man's porno collection. (Which is also something you need to come to terms with, by the way.)

Whether it's your favorite salty snack, (Mine: white cheddar popcorn)

Something for your sweet tooth, (Mine: fat free brownie mix)

Or a deep-rooted childhood craving (Mine: macaroni and cheese)

And as of right now, my Secret Stash has gone, well… public.

Your craving needs to come out of the pantry.

Because once we know how to make that not-so-healthy secret food a little bit healthier, there is no need to hide it. Below is a healthier dish that magically curbs my craving for Macaroni and Cheese.

As for his porn collection, please, by all means, keep it hidden away behind closed doors.


* 1.5 cups Broccoli

* Handful of Shredded Mozzarella

* 3 triangles of Laughing Cow

* 2 oz. Gouda

* Dash of Milk

* Dash of Garlic Powder (optional)

Preheat the oven at 375.

On the stovetop, at medium heat, melt the cheeses and mix thoroughly with the milk to create a cheesy sauce. Add a dash of garlic powder if you'd like.

In a Pyrex dish, do a once over with some non-stick spray, and add the broccoli to the glass tray.

Once the cheese sauce is completed, pour over the broccoli and bake for 20 minutes.

Voila! The softened broccoli and cheese really fills my craving!

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