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COOKING IN HEELS is a comic and practical cookbook blog for the modern Glamazon learning her way around the kitchen.


No smoking.
No walking on the grass.
No carbs after 4pm.

But... No cook?
How could this be?

Here, on a sexy little cooking website, how could a dish be "No cook?"

Believe it, those two little gorgeous words sum up this fabulous and tasty side dish.

Whether you are coming home late from work, are in need of a healthy quick snack, or are a just plain lazy Jane, you must give this recipe a try!

Talk about making food so easy, you can even cook in your heels...

  • Sugar snap peas (2 cups)
  • Sesame seeds
  • Salt
  • Sesame oil (you can add a dash of extra extra virgin olive oil)
Wash your snap peas and dry thoroughly. In a large bowl, lightly coat the peas with sesame oil (and/or olive oil-- whatever you have on hand), then toss with salt to taste and a good amount of sesame seeds.

Easiest ever.

How to Plate: A cute little ramekin is appropriate for this side dish / snack!

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