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I know, I know… some of you are reading this from my Facebook link, so I get it, I’m a hypocrite. Let’s forget that for just one minute. Maybe two. Or three.

A link to your website is one thing, but breaking up… on Facebook?

Before Facebook, “status” simply meant: Single, Engaged, Married, or Divorced.
Now everyone needs to know what you ate for breakfast, what bar you went to last night,  and see pictures from your distant twice-removed cousin’s latest trip to Honolulu.
But your REAL status?

If I was dumped via Facebook, I would be mortified.  

A part of me thinks it is heartless. Very quick, very public, pretty easy,  and quite heartless.

But I’ve gotta flip the coin on this one.
Maybe in this new world of lacking human contact and an abundance of continuous partial attention (giving everything in your life only a fragment of the attention it deserves, mainly due to mobile technology), it’s really the only way to break up with someone.

Take a look at this:

Maybe Kevin couldn’t get his fiancé Shannon on the phone. Maybe they mostly interacted via text and Facebook emails. Maybe Shannon is deaf and he couldn't even break it off over the phone. Maybe the ONLY WAY he could get through to her was through his Facebook status. (Highly doubtful, but alas, possible)

Heck, even one of my favorite designers, Marc Jacobs, took to Facebook to alter his status:

And now that Facebook is so ingrained in our popular culture,  we’ve gotta “Accept” that our parents have joined in on the fun :

Where do you draw the line regarding exactly WHAT to share with your however-many-hundred Facebook friends? Is there a line? Because judging from this post, I really don’t see one.

I say, let’s get back to that human connection.

If you are going to break off an engagement, break up with someone you couldn’t care less about (which is pretty obvious if you do it on Facebook), or forget to tell your close friends, family, and/or children, then DO NOT READ ON.

Because I have the best recipe for keeping your loved ones close and in-the-know: Feed Them.

Just like this chicken marinade, you’ve gotta let your relationships marinate, steep, and get them ready to face the heat on the stovetop.

  • Chicken (I prefer tenders)
  • 2 cups of Orange Juice – with or without pulp, your pick
  • Salt and Pepper
  • 1 medium Orange

In a shallow Pyrex dish, marinate your chicken in the orange juice for at least 1 hour, up to 24 hours.

In an olive oil sprayed pan on Medium-high heat, add your chicken (without the remaining juice), sprinkle with salt and pepper, and cook 4-6 minutes per side.

The chicken should be brown on each side, and fully cooked through. If you use boneless chicken breasts, add a few minutes to the cook time.

While the chicken cooks, slice your orange in half, then slices. Take the cooked chicken out of the pan, and add the oranges, sliced side down, to pick up some of the burnt bits of chicken.

How to Plate: Serve orange slices on the side, to be squeezed over the chicken.

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