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Look, I'm not saying you aren't good in bed.

But I AM saying that after a big, heavy meal and rich creamy dessert, it's likely that:

a. You don't feel as sexy with a full belly.
b. You are more lethargic.
c. You're probably thinking more about getting a good night's rest than getting busy.

Here is a dessert that is fresh, light, yummy, amazing... and will make you feel the same.

This way, you can get your REAL dessert after dessert.

· Bag of Frozen mixed Berries
· 1 tub of Light Whip Cream

Let the berries defrost.
In a large, beautiful clear bowl or martini glass, layer a spoonful of berries, then whip, berry layer, whip, berry layer, whip. Toss a few berries on top or slice a strawberry for the rim of the martini glass! Dish out this multi-layered fresh and healthy dessert.

Parve: Use a whip substitute or have fresh berries plain! Presentation is everything… you can get away with beautiful berries in martini cups!

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