What is COOKING IN HEELS all about?

COOKING IN HEELS is a comic and practical cookbook blog for the modern Glamazon learning her way around the kitchen.


I've opened up the forum for readers to shoot me questions about what to wear or what to cook for a night out / in.

Here's my first letter!


From: XXXXaol.com

Subject: Brunch Help!

I'm having my future in-laws come over for a Spring buffet brunch at our new place.
What should I make? More importantly, what SHOES should I wear?

- K.L., Los Angeles


My Reply:

Don't make a thing! Buy, buy, buy... and make it look nice. What's more important, make time for YOU to look nice.

Go to an upscale LA grocery store (like Gelsons or Whole Foods) or deli (Barney Greengrass or Nate N Als) and get pre-made tuna salad, egg salad, fresh nova and cream cheese from their counter. Pick up some fresh bagels.

How to arrange like a Pro: Slice up and plate a platter of tomatoes, onion, celery, and lettuce. In a wicker basket, line with napkins and place the bagels in there. Have forks and knives next to the plates. Looks are everything on a buffet table.

And looks are everything on you (especially in front of your in-laws.)

Spend time getting ready. Wear the above Powder Pink Valentino Wrap Sandals (courtesy of Neiman Marcus)

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