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Valentines Day is fast approaching.

And, like me, I'm sure you busy working girls haven't really planned everything out just yet.

Well, let me help you.

Quady Winery is located just a few hours away from Los Angeles or SF. They specialize solely in a California Dessert Wines, perfect for making your Valentines Day (or any occasion, really) much sweeter and more fabulous.

You can take a drive up to visit for a tasting of their delicious wines, and bring your little trip home with you to continue to enjoy... or you can order online or by phone.

The best thing about Quady dessert wines, is that they do all the work for you.
And, believe me, I have no problem letting them!

Yes, you can just have a glass AS dessert.
Yes, you can do what I call a "Drink and Drizzle."
And Yes, you can do whatever you want after a few glasses behind closed doors.

I will be posting quite a few highlights and dessert / dessert wine ideas to make your Valentines Day as sweet as can be!

Visit Quady at http://www.quadywinery.com/

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