What is COOKING IN HEELS all about?

COOKING IN HEELS is a comic and practical cookbook blog for the modern Glamazon learning her way around the kitchen.


You can't be beautiful, fabulous and gorgeous all the time.

Some days, you feel like shit-- and no offense, you probably look like shit too.

Every so often (at least once a month when Aunt Flo is in town) you need a meal of comfort. Something you can chow down on with your hair in a bun and your face dotted with pimple medicine.

  • Can of Campbell's Tomato Soup
  • Garlic infused Olive Oil
  • Basil (dried or fresh)
  • Red Pepper Flakes (optional)
  • Gouda cheese ( I prefer the double creme)
  • Goat cheese
  • Blue cheese
  • Parmesean cheese -- freshly shredded
  • Whole wheat French baguette or wheat bread of choice

In a pot, follow Campbell's directions in making the soup. I like to add a dash of red pepper flakes, garlic-infused olive oil and dried basil to spice it up!

On the stove top, heat a pan with a dash of the olive oil. Place two slices of toast in the pan and place a mixture of both cheeses in the middle. Wait until they begin to melt and bring the slices together to make a sandwich. This also works well on a George foreman or similar grill, adding grill markings on the sandwich.

How to Plate: If you are having an appetizer party, the above dish can be a fabulous chic twist on comfort food. Fill the tomato soup in a over-sized shot glass and cut the grilled cheese sandwiches into bite-size bits! Or pair the shooter with some crackers. (See picture I took for guidance)

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