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Had a great time last night with some friends, but had one or two too many margaritas.

As it always goes, I woke up with a HORRIBLE hangover. And what better way to cure a hangover than with a great breakfast?

So, I got up, stumbled to the kitchen... and demanded my boyfriend make me this! After all, I AM hungover and can't even think about cooking.


  • 3-4 Eggs
  • Cheese of preference (I love American in my eggs... don't ask me why)
  • Veggies of preference (personal favorites: tomato, onion, spinach)

Overmele is the Roman ancestor of our present-day omelet. It just sounds really fancy.

Warm your griddle or pan while you crack and whisk your eggs. Oil, butter or Pam the pan. Add the whisked eggs to the griddle and let them cook. When the edges start to rise, add in your veggies and cheese. Fold the circular egg formation over. Cook and flip over until it’s done!

How to Plate: If you do a good job folding over the egg, there is really no need to add anything else to the plate… although, fresh fruit ALWAYS adds some color and sweetness to breakfast!

Treif: Go all the way—add some bacon or deli turkey to your omelet to get as far away from being kosher as humanly possible.

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