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After a night of shtupping, I always wake up really, really hungry.

I’m not talking about a slice-of-toast hungry. Or even a yogurt-with-fruit hungry. I need something that will give me that extra boost, a breakfast that will continue my “flying high” zone.

And this is the breakfast of all breakfasts—the type of morning fare that can do the job.

This is a great and relatively mess-free breakfast in bed!


  • 2 Tortillas, low carb or whole wheat
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 handfuls of shredded cheese– whatever you like (it’s completely up to you)
  • Turkey bacon OR bacon, 4 slices

Add the bacon to a medium heat already hot pan (no oil needed – these have enough in them to cook). If you like your bacon uber-crunchy, wrap them in paper towels and throw them in the microwave for 2-3 minutes. Timing depends on your microwave. In a bowl, crack and whisk (with a fork) the eggs.

If you are scared of eggshell in your eggs, hit the bowl’s edge twice with minimal force to ensure a clean break. When the bacon is done, take them out of the pan or microwave with a fork and set aside on a paper towel to blot excess oil. Lightly oil or butter your pan (depending on desired caloric intake) and cook your eggs.

Some girls do not know how to cook eggs – so here is a rule of thumb: As the eggs cook, push the cooked egg towards the center of the pan with a spatula. This allows the raw egg to spill over and cook onto the open areas of the pan.

When the eggs are done, divide into 2 portions and set aside. Re-oil or butter your hot pan, and put one tortilla flat. Spread one handful of cheese onto the tortilla and watch it begin to melt. Before the tortilla burns and before the cheese is fully melted, add one portion of egg and 2 pieces of turkey bacon. Wrap up and dig in! Repeat with the other tortilla.

How to Plate: To hold the wrapped burritos together, use a toothpick!

I know you are capable of making this delicious breakfast. Mazel Tov! Let’s see what kind of macher you really are…

Parve: Leave out the bacon. Period.