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If your mishpucha is coming over for dinner and they want to eat light, it’s OK to be a bit of a Tukhes Lecher and make this dish.

After they take a bite, believe me, they’ll want to leches your tukhes!

This is also a delicious mid-week dinner.


· Bag of Lettuce
· Chicken cutlets
· Low Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette ( I prefer Newman's Own)
· Mozzarella (small log or bite-size in water)
· Package of sun dried tomatoes (chop into small pieces)
· Pine nuts

Get the stove top started and spray your pan with oil. Throw in your chicken and begin cooking. Rinse lettuce with water and spin or pat dry. Add to large bowl. Chop up mozzarella and tomatoes and add to salad bowl. Throw in a handful of pine nuts.

Check your chicken! When it is "almost" done, add a dash of the vinaigrette to coat and cook onto the chicken. Put the cooked meat onto a plate and cut into bite-size pieces. Make sure it’s fully cooked. If not, throw the cut pieces back into the pan. Believe me, you do not want to cause any salmonella outbreaks.

Add dressing to salad. Again, remember to not over-do it. Toss the salad. Eat.

How to Plate: Small portion on a crisp white rectangular plate.

Parve: Don’t add the cheese… or replace chicken with fish! Now you’ve got a kosher salad!

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  1. I grill or roast large shrimp after marinating in that dressing for 10 min or so - they are amazing!